11th Month Inspections

Have a home inspection on your home before your home builder’s warranty expires!


Building plansYou wanted to have your house built by a builder instead of buying used because you didn’t want to inherit someone else’s problems. It is important to understand that in most cases your builder only offers a 1 year warranty on your new home. So by the 11th month you might have noticed that a few things may be in need of repair. I can come to your home before hand and complete a full home inspection before the builder’s warranty expires.

Our non-invasive inspection process is based on observations of the visible and apparent condition of the interior and exterior of the structure, including its major systems and components.

A report on the defects that were observed during your 11th Month Inspection will arm you with valuable information you will need to present to your builder and contractors before your home’s warranty expires. An 11th Month Inspection is the same as the buyer’s inspection before purchasing a home and consists of an inspection of the roofing system, interior, exterior, attic, crawlspace, visible plumbing, electrical panel as well as site grading and more.