Combination Inspections

Whether you need a Four Point Inspection (which is an inspection of the four major components of the home) to get homeowner’s insurance for your home or you need a Wind Mitigation Inspection (an inspection of the construction features built in to the home to withstand windstorms) to be eligible for discounts on your policy.
Insurance inspections often go hand in hand with the home inspection. I always give significant discounts when bundling inspections together. It might sound to some like I am trying to run up the total by offering bundles because many times the home buyer does not yet know that they need these insurance inspections until the insurance company requests them.

For example:
If the home you are buying is 30 years or in some cases 25 years old, most likely a Four Point Inspection is required in addition to the General Home Inspection. The Four Point Inspection is used by the insurance company to determine the INSURABILITY of the home.

The Wind Mitigation Inspection may be at the discretion of the home buyer, but it is recommended in order to receive DISCOUNTS in the insurance premiums.
I offer significant discounts when combining these different types of inspections because I am already at the property during the home inspection. If you decline the insurance inspections because you didn’t think you needed them, or didn’t know that you needed them…then you find out the insurance company is requesting a Four Point inspection then I must charge the full price to make another trip.

Your Real Estate Agent should be able to suggest the types of inspections that you will need depending on the age of the home in question.


Other Combinations:

Another option in combination with the Home inspection. Home inspections include a thorough examination of well…everything from top to bottom as well as from property line to property line. (With an exception of things that aren’t normally within the scope of the inspection such as Septic, Intercom and security systems etc.) Also included within the General Home Inspection is thermal imaging, dock & seawall and pool & spa systems (if applicable). All at no additional cost to the customer.

A premium building envelope Thermal Imaging Inspection can be added which would include exterior walls (if weather permitting), interior walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and the foundation for a reasonable fee when done at the time of your home inspection. (discounted from full price with combination) This type of inspection can be very time consuming in order to properly identify problem areas.