Home Maintenance

Here is a list of items you can use to make your own maintenance schedule

Roof Surface: (review for damage and excessive wear) – Semi-annually
Roof Structure: (review for damage and/or leaks) – Semi-annually
Attic Inspection: (review for pest infestation and damage to ventilation/insulation) – Quarterly
Foundation & Exterior Walls: (review for settlement activity) – Annually
Exterior Ventilation: (review soffits, exhaust vents, plumbing stacks, etc.) – Quarterly
Exterior: Trim vegetation & tree limbs: (review for possible damage to exterior/roof) – Quarterly
Driveway/Walkways: (review for settlement and/or trip hazards) – Annually
Septic Tanks: (review for next scheduled pump-out and monthly enzyme treatment)
Private Well Equipment: (review for cleaning, damage, & leaks) – Monthly
Private Water Supply Testing: (test for nitrates & coliform bacteria) – Annually/Semi-annually
Swimming Pool/Spa Equipment: (review for leaks & damage) – Monthly
Plumbing Systems: (test shut off valves, review for leaks, clean aerators, inspect water heater, Etc.) – Monthly
Interior settlement: (review for evidence of active settlement) – Annually
Appliances: (Review For Safety & Damage) – Monthly
Test smoke detector: (change batteries) – Annually
Electrical: Test safety components GFCI & arc fault outlets – Semi-annually
Check & replace range hood charcoal filter – Quarterly
Check & maintain caulk at kitchen & bath counters – Quarterly
Check & lubricate moving parts on overhead garage Quarterly doors & tracks – Quarterly
Check gutters for debris buildup – Quarterly
Check & maintain tile grout in showers – Quarterly
Fertilize lawn & plants – Quarterly
Check & adjust exterior door weather stripping & threshold – Semi-annually
Check & maintain washing machine hoses & connections – Semi-annually
Check & maintain dryer vent system for blockage – Quarterly
Check & lubricate window tracks and moving parts – Semi-annually
Check & maintain all exterior caulk seals including doors, window, trim & hose bibbs – Semi-annually
Verify main water shut off valve is accessible & functional – Semi-annually
Check & maintain all drainage, swales, culverts & drain inlets – Semi-annually
Check nuts & bolts on pull down stairs for tightness – Semi-annually
Clean/Pressure wash exterior – Annually
Apply water seal to all exposed exterior treated wood – Annually
Check stucco for holes/cracks and seal accordingly – Annually
Have AC system checked & serviced by a qualified professional – Annually
Check nuts & bolts on overhead garage door & tracks for tightness – Annually
Clean smoke detector – Annually
Renew termite inspection and warranty – Annually
Drain & flush water heater, verify operation of TPR valve – Annually
Check fire extinguisher certification expiration date – Annually
Verify AC condensation drain is flowing freely – Monthly
Check AC float switch for proper operation if air handler is in attic – Quarterly
Sliding Doors – Clean the tracks. Check the locks and tighten the hardware – Annually
Screens and Screen Doors – Inspect, repair and clean the screens and screen doors – Semi-annually
Exhaust Fans – Clean the blades. Oil the motor – Semi-annually