Home Maintenance Inspections

Home Maintenance Inspections

Is your home healthy?
or does it need a Check-Up?AnnualHomeMaintenance
Just as you would go to see your doctor on a regular basis…
or take your car to the shop to keep it running well.
Whether it is your home or your health…
You would trust professionals who would give you sound advice..
because a lot like your health, your home also requires regular maintenance.
A Home Maintenance Inspection is a great way to educate yourself about…
the operating condition of the common components of the home,
and to learn what it takes to optimize the performance of it’s systems.
A Home Maintenance Inspection can provide you with a maintenance schedule…
so you’ll know what to do and when to do it.
Call Sundial Home Inspections today to schedule your maintenance inspection because…
A little today could save you a lot tomorrow.


A Home (Check-Up) Maintenance Inspection is just what the doctor ordered.

During your home’s Check-Up, the following systems will be examined:

Roof and Attic
Plumbing System
Electrical System
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
The Interior and Exterior of your home


A detailed Home Maintenance Inspection report will outline;

Immediate Repairs – We will point out items that are in need of repair, replacement or nearing the end of their life expectancy

Maintenance – We will outline items which require maintenance now or within the next year

Monitor – Items that should be monitored and checked periodically

Safety Issues – Potential unsafe conditions to your health and others


Semi-Annual Check-Ups
We recommend that you schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection at least every 2 years after purchasing your home.  A home Check-Up can help identify problems and damage to your home before they become extensive and costly to repair.
If you are buying, selling, building a home or simply need a home Check-Up, contact Sundial Home Inspections, LLC  for all your home inspection services.